Time to be More Conscious of the Businesses You’re Supporting:

The ‘normal’ day to day routine has dramatically changed for everyone. Moving forward, we have been presented with the opportunity to build a better future. It is time for our communities to make a difference and stand together. It’s important to support local and minority-owned businesses during these times. We believe in bringing power to the people. Current events have affected and challenged minority-owned businesses.


Help Your Community by Supporting Local Minority-Owned Businesses and Services:

Fox Business News on Supporting Minority-Owned Businesses

We want to do our part, so we’ve put together resources that locate local and minority-owned companies.

It’s up to families to spend consciously and support minority-owned services whenever possible. The following resources help with locating minority-owned establishments nearby or nationwide. If you are unable to contribute directly you can take part by spreading this message to your friends, family, and neighbors.

1. AFROTECH offers a list of Apps that work by identifying nearby minority-owned businesses.

2. Green America features businesses that have earned Green America’s Green Business Certification. This assures they are dedicated to building an economy that works for people and the planet.

3. Official Black Wall Street is a website where you can find a directory of Black-owned businesses Nationwide. 

Share these resources with family and friends to help promote Black and Minority-Owned companies. Through active support we can close the racial wealth gap, strengthen local economy, fosters job creation, and celebrate Black culture and communities.