As the new year rolls around, you’re probably already setting some goals to accomplish in 2022. Like… go to the gym, read more, take the online course you’ve been putting off for months, but it’s also just as important to look after your business’s health and improvement. There are a few resolutions you can make to ensure that your business enters 2022 in the best shape. From remote working to social media, we’ve outlined some wins, as well as the tech company that can help you get there.

We’re still finding out that there are huge discrepancies between what staff expect, and what companies are prepared to do, so it’s a good idea to make sure that everyone is on the same page. As for the actual details, well, that’s up to you. Maybe you’ll embrace remote working. Or perhaps you’ll adopt a more hybrid approach with some days in the office and others from home.

If there’s been one ‘winner’ in the pandemic, it’s been web conferencing, like zoom. Sure, the concept has been around for years, but it hasn’t been until recently that most of us have had to rely on it. It’s a place we would have got to soon enough anyways, with all this emerging technology.

Getting familiar with web conferencing hasn’t been a smooth ride for everyone. There has been, tech issues, aesthetic background issues, making sure you don’t have any of the odd filters on. We’ve figured it out and we have survived, and thrived, and now for most of us video meetings over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or whatever platform have become as natural as email did back in the days.

With all the cyber-attacks going on, make sure your business is safe. I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of reporting on hacking, scams and ransomware, there were more than usual in 2021. This is all linked to the fact that so many of us are now working from home, and company security is stretched.

If you haven’t already got a solid social media strategy in place, then it’s time to plan one out. If you do have one, ask yourself if it’s still relevant in 2022, and if it’s pandemic-proof. Are you addressing topical events and engaging with your audience where they are today, or are you relying on outdated methods?

One of the best ways to juggle your businesses’ social media accounts across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and anything else you may use, is with a social media manager. One of these could prove to be a game changer, allowing you to schedule posts for key times, collect and analyze data, log in with multiple account, and respond to comments more productively. Work smarter not harder in 2022 and reach out to ATEKI to make your IT dreams come to life.