Managed Service Provider (MSP)
& IT Support Services

Based in Portage, Indiana, we support clients and projects Nationwide, with a focus on the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.

Outsourced IT Services

Local Managed Service Provider (MSP) that provides IT Support Services to the entire Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. Our IT Professionals have relevent experience in providing Information Technology (IT) services to a wide range of busiensses and companies of various sizes. We have obtanied specific knowlege in a numerous market segmets over the years that allows us to minimize the time it takes for our team to get a client onboaded. We pride ourselves in supporting businesses of all sizes and take pride in supporting small businesses as small as a few users.

Automotive Dealers

Our team has relevant experience supporting automotive DMS systems and manufacturer integrated service networks.

Financial & Legal Industry

Our team has experience supporting the IT Support needs of several accounting and legal firms.

Restaurants, Bars, Retail, & Hospitality

Our team has relevant IT Support experience with these facilities and in these industries.

Construction & Restoration

Our team has experience with the IT Support needs of companies in these industries.

Medical, Dental, Home & Adult Care

Our team has HIPAA experience and relevant knowledge when dealing with companies in this industry.

Smart Hands & Remote Hands Local Techs

Our team can work with your local clients in our area and provide all our core services.

Why Should You Work With Ateki?

Cost Efficiency

One of the most compelling advantages of IT outsourcing is cost reduction. Employing in-house IT staff involves not just salaries but also benefits, equipment, taxes, and other overheads. Outsourcing transforms these fixed costs into variable costs, allowing for more effective budgeting. Businesses can negotiate a set number of service hours, making monthly IT expenditures predictable and controllable.

Access to Expertise

Outsourcing IT services grants access to industry experts who are continually trained in the latest technology trends and cyber threats. Unlike small in-house teams or individual IT professionals, these outsourced technicians often have broader experience across various industries and stay current with technological advancements. This level of expertise is challenging to maintain internally, especially with the rapid evolution of technology and cyber threats.

Increased Flexibility:

Another significant benefit is the flexibility that outsourcing provides. Unlike the fixed working hours of full-time employees, outsourced IT services can be scaled according to the business’s varying needs. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for businesses experiencing seasonal fluctuations, as it allows them to scale IT support up or down as required.

Enhanced Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing IT allows businesses to concentrate on their core competencies rather than being sidetracked by IT concerns. By delegating IT management to external experts, business leaders can focus on strategic growth areas, innovation, and improving their core services or products without the distraction of managing technical issues.

Reduced Risk

IT outsourcing reduces operational and security risks. Given that outsourced IT companies often have access to more extensive resources, training, and collective knowledge, they are typically more equipped to stay abreast of the latest IT trends, threats, and best practices. Moreover, the collaborative nature of outsourced teams means that if a particular technician encounters an unfamiliar issue, they have a network of colleagues to consult, ensuring comprehensive protection and up-to-date solutions for your business.

In Summary

IT outsourcing presents a compelling case for businesses looking to optimize costs, gain access to specialized expertise, increase operational flexibility, focus on core business areas, and mitigate risks. By tapping into the resources and knowledge of outsourced IT professionals, businesses can navigate the complexities of modern technology more effectively and securely, positioning themselves for success in an increasingly digital landscape.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Managed IT services and "Break/Fix" IT Support to businesses and a wide variety of small business industries.

Audio Visual & Multimedia

Installing and maintaining audio visual and interactive content for a wide variety of audiences.

Door Access Control Systems

We install, maintain, and repair magnetic access control systems, key card, keyfob, and facial recognition devices.

Low Voltage Wiring

Professional installation of data, voice, and multimedia cables within a business, data center, or warehouse.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Camera, sensor, and monitoring technologies to observe and record activities in specific areas.

Smart Hands Local Technicians

Prompt and professional "local" services. Our technicians are ready to service your clients in our area.

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