Among the many daily decision’s entrepreneurs are tasked with… selecting the “right” type of small business technology tops the list.

ATEKI was founded in 2002 to satisfy this need. Experience working with a wide range of small businesses has taught us valuable lessons about supplying the “right” type of technology for different businesses in diverse industries from start to scale.

Above all we are customer advocates who take the time to listen first, offering a comprehensive estimate of services after understanding exactly what stage your small business is in now.

Because most small businesses owners are not tech savvy, they chose a “break-fix” technology strategy. Translation, opting for low priced tech solutions that are prone to high disruption (break) rates.

Bottom-line, lowballing office technology leads to situations that quickly spiral out of control as financial resources are increasingly shifted to fix problems. Although it sounds counterintuitive, having an IT company on speed dial call to fix the myriad of tech tools as they break generally proves to be a cost-inefficient strategy.

At ATEKI we take the time to logically explain all options associated with the type of technology each business needs. We especially seek to help small business owners understand the price for prevention is far less than the cost for the cure.

In an increasingly digital world ATEKI has served as a reliable information technology prevention advisor, saving small businesses throughout suburban Chicago, Illinois, and Northern Indiana time and money.  

ATEKI has worked with hundreds of small businesses to design a personal plan, that applies industry specific best practices proven to reduce problems by tailoring information technology to fit the needs of your business.

More than ever, small businesses need a trusted information technology partner who is committed to helping them respond and adapt to the demands of a continuously changing digital environment rather than react to whatever happens next.

Our proactive approach prevents information technology problems before they happen – yielding substantial returns on technology spending by anticipating both internal and external changes. 

If your small business is dependent on technology ATEKI is your go to IT provider. Call us today for a FREE estimate to better understand how our skills can help you achieve your goals.   

Call us toll free at 1-800-392-8354. Each of our Estimators are friendly, knowledgeable tech experts who above all want to help your small business succeed.