Living in the digital era has conditioned customers to expect a seamless digital interaction that is both accessible and responsive.

This fact serves as a perplexing business disincentive for small businesses because technological unresponsiveness is synonymous with failure.

Understanding how to use technology to remain competitive in the constantly changing global economy is an absolute must.

In the future, long-term business survival will hinge on technological acumen; more specifically the ability to manage servers, data security, computer networking, workstation configuration, internal logistics and processes, executing payments, automating email and the list goes on. 

Conversely, ATEKI is fluent in all aspects of technology. We are the premier service provider for businesses who want to attain and sustain status as an industry leader.

Moreover, leveraging technology and its affiliated digital tools are automatic company boosters, proven to increase revenue growth and twice as profitable. 

So, the question all small business owners must ask themselves is, “What are the operational areas where I will benefit most from the use of technology?


  • 90% benefit in digital tools for communications with employees and customers.
  • 80% benefit in internal management like business email and logistics.
  • 40% benefit in sales management tools with supply chain operations.

Surprisingly, most business owners report that costs to underwrite technology is not their biggest challenge. 

The largest barrier (reported by 75% of small business owners) is lack of qualified staff to properly manage hardware, software, and security concerns. ATEKI specializes in helping small businesses break down technological barriers.

Summarily, ATEKI is an IT company capable of giving you the technological edge!

Call us today at (312) 880-7230 and let’s explore how our technological expertise can help you achieve your business goals.