The world has changed since the days when businesses primarily relied on telephones fax and teletype capabilities to round out their communications network.

The dramatic rise of technology facilitated a re-engineering of all electronic business systems which structured cabling – aka low-voltage wiring – addresses.

In the augmented “digital era” networks not only move voice and data but are essential elements to other building communication systems, like environmental monitoring, security, and fire. 

It is important to understand that each new generation of systems relies on large amounts of high performance, low-voltage cabling to operate reliably. 

This is where our Engineers at ATEKI extend a service that makes them valuable small business partners.

The practice of reinstalling new wires has resulted in layers of abandoned, mix-use, low-voltage communication cables imbedded in the concealed spaces of commercial property.

This presents an immediate fire hazard if not properly assessed. The accumulation of abandoned cable is quickly becoming one of the top tech concerns.

Further, the large volume of accumulated cable not in use hinders the installation of new cabling due to an overflow and lack of conduit pathways.

Abandoned cables severely restrict airflow in ceiling cavities and can easily destroy the performance of the new writing if not handled correctly.

For example, the maximum pulling tension for a low-voltage cable is 25 pounds. When excessive force is applied one rough tug at a wire, can potentially degrade the signal.

This is the reason why ATEKI offers a comprehensive assessment of your current low-voltage wiring system. We know cabling inside and out.  Above all want to keep you and your employees safe.

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