Regardless of what your business does, technology is a basic industry requirement. Just think about it… the backbone of every entrepreneurial enterprise is a reliable, networked infrastructure.

This is the area where Ateki excels. We strive to be the best in class, creating bundled packages for a wide range of industries that aid in adapting to the fast-paced changing technology market.

If you have been in business more than two years, your current outdated electronic systems may be hindering your earning potential.

In today’s business environment, switching to a reliable structured wiring system (aka low voltage wiring) is one of the most beneficial upgrades your business can make to increase brand value.

An old network is not going to take your brand anywhere. Despite all the advances in technology, hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide still use point-to-point cabling.

The problem with traditional (point-to-point) cabling is the way data is transported through network cables, each with its own cable and plug. Structured wiring eliminates this concern with patch panels that keep wires organized and mitigate a range of problems.


  1. Flexibility, Adaptability, and Ease of Removal.
  2. Simple installation, that allows for future expansion.
  3. Materials and labor for moves and changes are cost effective.
  4. Easy to troubleshoot when network problems occur.
  5. Costs are frontloaded into equipment.

In a nutshell, structured cabling systems outlast all other networking components because they need minimal upgrades and provide a great return on investment.

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