Entrepreneurs are infamous for their willingness to multi-task everything from bookkeeping to bill collections to business development.

The debate around multitasking is often misleading with the majority concluding that it is a futile pursuit that cannot be mastered.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The life of a business owner can be hectic, which makes multitasking a must.

In fact, entrepreneurs who lack the ability to complete tasks in absence of undivided attention are likely to fail.

Learning to simultaneously juggle micro tasks often offer clues that later aid in supplying the knowledge to solve more complex problems.

When flexing multi-tasking muscles its’ important to remember…

  • Perfectionism is incompatible. Accept that you will not do everything well. The goal is chipping away at a task until its completed. Then move on.  
  • Pause between tasks to rejuvenate. Your brain is incapable of sustained performance. You need to take a short break, hit refresh then go at it again.
  • Execution leads to successful outcomes. Progress slow or fast ultimately leads to task completion.   

For entrepreneurs who have various roles to fill, multi-tasking prevents the brain from drifting into distraction rewiring it in ways that make it more efficient.

Summarily, the mind is one of the most amazing organs in the human body. The same way your body needs exercise, multi-tasking exercises the mind and keeps it active.