Video surveillance is an essential component to all business’s security systems. Video surveillance works by installing high-quality cameras throughout your business to help you identify possible crimes.

Video Surveillance offers a live feed and recording capabilities, meaning a security personnel or business owner can watch the feeds remotely on a dedicated monitor or via an app on a mobile device. The footage is recorded and stored on a physical device, like an NVR, or in the cloud.

Two men get caught on camera after robbing multiple businesses:

Two men face federal conspiracy charges after robbing 10 pawn shops, a jewelry store and title loan office at gunpoint in the span of six months. In each case, two to four men entered the stores, with weapons and robbed merchandise from the shop, according to an affidavit from Chicago FBI agent Dustin Gourley.

Investigators compared security camera recordings with social media posts, as well as booking photographs and body-worn camera recordings from Russell’s and William’s past encounters with Chicago police to find these suspects. The business’s surveillance systems also caught Russell’s SUV, which agents said matched the getaway car used in three of the robberies, parked outside. Both men were taken into custody that day.

Wondering how video surveillance can help your business?

Catch criminals in the act and prevent crimes:

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of video surveillance is the capability of catching criminals who may be trying to steal, vandalize or otherwise harm your business.

Contact Authorities without lifting a finger:

If a crime were to occur when nobody is around, you can rely on video verification from your surveillance system. You are immediately notified when alarm goes off. You will receive a video of what triggered the alarm. With this service you can rest assured that emergencies will be handled promptly.

Stop workplace violence:

One of the best ways to combat employee work violence is by utilizing video surveillance. People are less likely to act out if they know their crimes will be caught on camera.

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