Stay Protected From Identity Theft:

The Pandemic crisis has created an opportunity for cybercriminals to increase their attacks. One approach the hacker can take is to compromise a company’s active directory infrastructure. AD (Active Directory) infrastructure controls user authentication rights and company network access.

Using this method, a cybercriminal could take over a CEO’s phone, seize his or her identity, and access confidential internal information. Companies should invest in monitoring, so they can detect attacks in real time and investigate all AD breaches. A major telecommunications client has more than a million AD users worldwide.

Cyber security has been around for quite some time now. It is constantly evolving just as other technologies continue to arise.

That’s in part because there are always new threats from hackers, those who are trying to illegally access data are not going to give up any time soon. They always find ways to get through even the toughest security measures.

It’s also in part because new technology is being adapted to enhance security. There is always a strong need for cybersecurity professionals. Since hackers do exist, cybersecurity will remain a trending technology because it will constantly change to protect against those hackers. Ask us how we can help YOU make your business more secure.