Given the fast-paced changes of the technological landscape, today’s market is rich in client leads. Regardless of industry, every company seeks to align with competent IT professionals in order to remain competitive.

The problem is… there is are far too many IT professionals to choose from and virtually no criteria in which to base a decision.  This is the junction where you can stand out.

All too often IT start-ups and early stage companies are heavily staffed with tech savvy introverts who have great hard skills. In effect, your company has the bandwidth to tackle every IT concern imaginable. 

However, founders are locked in an on-going struggle to find a solution to organically connect with clients whose needs their employees are more than equipped to satisfy.

Much of achieving this goal falls on the founder’s shoulders – more specifically – the founder’s ability to establish and consistently communicates brand value at every stage of the company’s growth.

It was the strategy Apple Founder, Steve Jobs employed to keep his company top of mind in the public. Jobs was considered a visionary and advocate because he kept his audience one step ahead of the market. This earned him the type of customer loyalty other companies covet.  


You may be thinking, “I’m no Steve Jobs.” You’re right.  You are you and that’s your unique value.  As the founder of a tech company, you have knowledge that an estimated 90% of companies don’t.

Although charisma and the ability to deliver a powerful presentation go a long way. Sharing, hard core knowledge that helps people is priceless.  You don’t have to make videos or live on social media. Just share the information you know.

If you have a local newspaper – share it there. Or if your company is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce – share it there. Or offer expertise as a “talking-head” on any of the endless news/information channels.  Any of these options offer a great place to build your influence.


Adopting the approach of sharing your expertise helps you trumpet your brand value – which by extension – serves as the best option to ensure a steady stream of income.

Seth Godin, American author, businessman and marketer, considered to be the ultimate entrepreneur offers a tried and true tactic to trumpet brand value.  He states the best way to stand out is to flip your funnel and make it a megaphone.


Godin notes by setting yourself up as an expert you turn strangers into friends, friends and fans and fans into paying customers. 

The reality is only a handful of companies comprise your target audience. Those who aren’t will not care what you have to say anyway.

Establishing a funnel helps you qualify customers while simultaneously raising awareness of your existence to potential clients.

The challenging part is committing to increasing your company’s brand value by consistently sharing interesting, insightful and actionable information.

Summarily, it’s extremely expensive to underwrite the cost of an advertising campaign. Its far more cost-effective to invest your time and energy into setting yourself apart as a Subject Matter Expert.