A structured cabling service is a highly specialized infrastructure that enhances the performance of your organization’s cabling system. Structured cabling provides a reliable and versatile solution to all major communication needs. It plays an important role in dealing with specific cabling. Structured cabling supports data, multiple voices, video, and various management systems such as security access and energy system.

Unlike the traditional point to point cabling, the structured cabling system can avoid the jungle of wiring and carry data in high rates. One of the greatest benefits of partnering with Ateki’s structured cabling services is the customized level of high bandwidth services, which is essential for supporting optimal business growth as your need for increased communication pathways develop.

To put it simply, structured cabling is a cabling infrastructure that provides an organized approach to cabling. Ateki provides high quality products for your cabling solution, including ethernet patch panel, fiber patch cables, and rack mount enclosure. Working with structured cabling services from Ateki makes it easier to enhance communications across your platforms and reduces the risk of downtime among employees, therefore enhancing your business performance.