Adding or updating your business’s audio/video systems can increase your traffic and sales. If it has been a while since you last upgraded your audio/video systems, this might be a great time to start thinking about it. Adding entertainment value creates an inviting social hub, and great ambiance.

Music can set the perfect scene for your guests to enjoy themselves. It should enhance the customer’s overall experience. Ateki can install or replace your speakers in the ceiling or walls, away from customer view. With our systems in place, you can easily control your media devices to change from music to TV/ screen audio for sports fans.

Customers expect high quality video when they choose a place to watch the game. Large video walls can create a great atmosphere in your restaurant/bar where there is no bad seat in the house. When you think of football bowl season, and the NBA playoffs, or UFC/Boxing nights, the more monitors you have, the better experience for your customers. Ateki can design, install, and service wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted TV’s and monitors of your choice for your unique restaurant experience.

It is important to have a simple way to manage and control your restaurant’s audio/video system. Ateki can provide that for you so it’s easy to adjust volume, change the channel, or update your menu’s digital display boards. So, your staff can focus on the best food and drinks for your customers. We can help you choose the right components, install them at your restaurant, bar, or nightclub, and provide ongoing maintenance for your systems.