If it looks like a cat got in a fight with your company’s cables you need us.

We’ve been answering these type of calls by small business owners all across Chicagoland and Indiana.

In the midst of massive mayhem caused by coronavirus, many small offices have assigned a point person to take stock of their company’s cabling situation.

The overwhelming conclusion is that there is no better time than now yo straighten cabling issues out.

The big question that looms on the end of the audit is, “Who should we contact to provide cabling services?”

Folks, we have your answer! Look no further than ATEKI’s experienced in-house technicians for help.

It’s that simple! When it comes to structured cabling we are at your service and ready to come to the rescue.

How You Know You Need Us

For most small businesses – post startup – cabling was considered out of sight and out of mind.

Your company was likely wired with traditional point-to-point cabling where everything required its own cable and plug.

Behind the wall or tucked in the storage closet or in the ceiling is a jumbled jungle of tangled cables.

It has probably gotten so unmanageable that no matter the amount of tugging the hope of finding corresponding is long shot at best.

If this sounds like your situation, structured cabling is likely your best option. In less technical terms, structured cabling uses patch panels to connect with short length patch cables.

The result is seamless organization sans the dreaded cable bundle. It also sets the stage for on-going tech changes and upgrades which requires additional cabling.

Bottom-line, contact us at 312-880-7230 to take care of your needs.