One of the oddest things that the COVID-19 Pandemic has spawned is the strange partnership between rivals Apple and Google, who teamed up to help track the virus.

In the midst of Covid confusion all we really know for sure now is that life will never go back to the way it was. Basically, what we face in the future will be significantly different from the worldwide terrain prior to the outbreak.

The Collective WHY…

In a nutshell, Apple developed a feature to embed in iPhones while Google came up with an Android device that enable users to track infected people.

The technology giants, who rarely pass up the chance to trash each other, are now holding hands and singing Kumbaya.

Supposed, they are uniting to slow the spread of the virus and possibly avoid the dreaded resurgence that has been forecasted in late fall. Published reports state that the two tech giants are within months of completing the operating system build that will likely link billions of iPhones and Android devices.

How the Smartphone Technology Works

Devices would only be enabled when a user opts in. Once this feature is selected, it would interface with similar devices (also enabled) that would further identify disease carriers.

The final step would require mobile users to voluntarily report that they have been infected. Public Health Officials across the globe are anxiously awaiting the advance. At this point, they are open to any solution to contain the pandemic.

However, few others in the world are as excited about the possibility of the two largest tech companies in the world, working together.

Whispers of a worldwide monopoly are omnipresent. Imagine the power of two companies who virtually own the most personal information for just about everyone on the planet.

Although a useful tool, the over-reach into individual privacy is somewhat unsettling. Taking it to the next level. Imagine the consequences of an evil mastermind who is capable of subverting computer security for malicious purpose, which by extension, would likely bring on a far something more devastating that Covid-19.